Adams, E., Wurzburg, E & Kerr, S (2021). The tip of the iceberg: Immaterial labor, technoskepticism and the teaching profession. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education Adams, E. (2021). Being before: Three Deleuzian becomings in teacher education. Professional Development in Education Adams, E. & Kerr, S. (2021). Always Already There: Social studiesContinue reading “Publications”

Current Projects

As usual, I am currently juggling several writing projects. Capitalism and neoclassical economic theory Marginalism and its influence on K-12 education and current economic practices Resistance in high school teachers and teaching Modern Monetary Theory perspectives for social studies Revisiting marginalized economic narratives in social studies Economics calls itself the Queen of the social sciences.Continue reading “Current Projects”

The way I see it: The current state of elementary economics

Here I want to provide my opinion and observations about what economics means and looks like in K-5. These descriptions are based on my experiences teaching K-12 preservice and practicing teachers for the past 9 years as well as my more systematic studies of economics. This summer, I completed a database of every economics articleContinue reading “The way I see it: The current state of elementary economics”