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What’s so threatening about an extra $300/week?

It is early May 2012 and my news and Twitter feeds are filled with the many corporate calls for an end to supplemental unemployment benefits that were offered in response to Covid-19 (you can learn more about that here) Arkansas, Montana and South Carolina have already taken measures to end the supplement The followingContinue reading “What’s so threatening about an extra $300/week?”

No Need For Needs?

No need for needs? Putting wants and needs into historical context. February 8, 2021 See this exchange of letters in SSYL for context Although economics purportedly does not teach “needs,” somehow lessons on needs and wants manage to find their way into K-5 classrooms. Just last week a local K-5 teacher submitted a needsContinue reading “No Need For Needs?”

Unpacking human capital narratives in social studies and society

With Kelly Koch, UGA The C3 Framework states that knowledge of human capital is an essential component of economic reasoning; “Economic reasoning and skillful use of economic tools draw upona strong base of knowledge about human capital, land, investments,money, income and production, taxes, and government expenditures” (p. 35). Covid-19 has revealed a need for criticalContinue reading “Unpacking human capital narratives in social studies and society”

Recommended Econ Lessons and Resources

This is an ongoing list of link and resources for teachers and teacher educators Advertisements and you gets at critical consumerism, ethical production and supply and demand as does sensible consumers Producing digital information (gets at what it means to be a producer) When women stopped coding (the power of advertising) reading “Recommended Econ Lessons and Resources”

Econs to know

People ask me who and what they should read to get a handle on economics. Here I provide 3 lists, one of K-12 scholarship, another with some econ texts I recommend and a third with economists and econ groups to know because they continually produce brilliant work. K-12s Everything Chris Arthur writes on financial literacyContinue reading “Econs to know”

Job Creator(s)

During the Vice-Presidential debate, the candidates each touted their administration’s record of job-creation. You probably hear the term “job creators” a lot, especially from conservative politicians. In the rhetoric, job creators are venerated. They are seen as worthy of tax breaks and protection. This rhetoric was particularly noticeable in the passage of 2017’s Tax CutsContinue reading “Job Creator(s)”


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