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I am using this site as a way to share my thoughts about K-12 economics and economic issues with a larger audience. I believe that this format is more conducive than an academic journal to the kinds of insights I want to share and aligns my writing and working style.  

On this site, I will highlight economic resources and thoughts as a way to make complex ideas accessible. I may also share my thoughts and insights about a myriad of media including books, TV, movies and podcasts.

This site is intended to provide insight into economic issues, particularly as they relate to K-12 education.  Although the contents is based on scholarly research, the opinions expressed here are the author’s and should not be taken as representative of a particular organization or institution.

Note-this site is not intended to provide financial advice. 

If you use any content from this site, please cite me;

Adams, E. (2020). Title of post. Erin on Econ. http://www.erinonecon.net  

I can be found on Twitter @ECA_Twin

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No Need For Needs?

No need for needs? Putting wants and needs into historical context. February 8, 2021 See this exchange of letters in SSYL for context https://www.socialstudies.org/ssyl/march-april-2020/letters-to-the-editor-defining-economic-terms-at-the-elementary-level Although economics purportedly does not teach “needs,” somehow lessons on needs and wants manage to find their way into K-5 classrooms. Just last week on of my students, a local K-5Continue reading “No Need For Needs?”

Unpacking human capital narratives in social studies and society

With Kelly Koch, UGA The C3 Framework states that knowledge of human capital is an essential component of economic reasoning; “Economic reasoning and skillful use of economic tools draw upona strong base of knowledge about human capital, land, investments,money, income and production, taxes, and government expenditures” (p. 35). Covid-19 has revealed a need for criticalContinue reading “Unpacking human capital narratives in social studies and society”

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