About the site: This site is intended to provide insight into economic issues, particularly as they relate to K-12 education.  Although the contents is based on scholarly research, it is also the author’s personal opinion and should not be taken as representative of a particular organization or institution. I also do not provide financial advice. I am using this site as a way to share my thoughts about K-12 economics and economic issues with a larger audience. I believe that this format is more conducive than an academic journal to the kinds of insights I want to share and aligns my writing and working style.  

On this site, I will highlight economic resources and thoughts as a way to make complex ideas accessible. I may also share my thoughts and insights about a myriad of media including books, TV, movies and podcasts.

About the author: I am a professor of elementary social studies education. I specialize in economics education. I am interested in critical, poststructural theories and research methodologies. I earned my PhD from the University of Georgia in 2016. I am one of the three creators of the 3 Minute Theory video series on YouTube. Most of my time is spent reading, writing and teaching. When I am not engaged in those activities, and when there isn’t a pandemic, I play soccer, work out and travel on the cheap. Otherwise, I am basically a hermit. I grew up in the Florida panhandle and currently reside in the Atlanta suburbs.

Likes: Star Wars, snowcones podcasts, coffee, comedies, dogs, public transit, weightlifting, pushups, bats, owls, making money on the stockmarket, women’s soccer

Dislikes: Reading directions, gardening & yardwork, soda, crafts, seafood, organization, bats, lakes, APA, linearity

If you use any content from this site, please cite me; 

Adams, E. (2020). Title of post. Erin on Econ. http://www.erinecon.wordpress.com

I can be found on Twitter @ECA_Twin


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